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Tour Guide of the Month – John Bachay

What can we say about John Bachay? 

For starters, he is one of the best tour guides in Miami Beach! His tours are always entertaining and extremely informative. He has a fan base that rivals Lady Gaga’s – and he does it all with his extensive knowledge of Miami Beach and his wonderful wit.

In addition, John is a seemingly non-stop presence at Art Deco Weekend. He is everywhere over the course of the 3 day festival giving tours and selling tour tickets. In fact, he even created a tour especially for the festival: Cocktails with a Twist. Thanks to John’s hard work organizing and coordinating the logistics of the tour is was one of the highlights of the festival. His fans are already asking about the next year’s tour.

As an active member of MDPL’s Board of Directors, John’s his wide range of experience in life and as a tour guide are invaluable. He also serves on the Programs and Education Committee, helping to improve our tour program.

MDPL salutes John Bachay for his support, passion, and dedication over the years.