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National Trust for Historic Preservation Praises MDPL

National Trust logoThe National Trust for Historic Preservation sponsored a trip for some of it’s top donors to Miami at the end of last month. MDPL was honored to host a morning of tours of the Art Deco Historic District for the 82 members of the National Trust Council. It was a wonderful chance to show off Miami Beach’s great architecture and culture.

A thank you note from Trust president Stephanie Meeks to MDPL chairman Charles Urstadt is worth a read:

Dear Charles:


Many thanks, once again, for greeting our National Trust Council at the Art Deco Welcome Center. The work you do to preserve this legendary district and the character of each architectural structure is truly exemplary.


Our visit provided this important leadership group not only with the visual delight of the eye-catching Art Deco designs, but also with a wonderful example of how historic preservation can play an important role in bolstering a commercial district. We all came away from the tours impressed by our guides extensive knowledge, as well as the wonderful spirit of collaboration that has made the district such a success. I am certain many in our group will return to further explore the district on future trips to Miami.


Thank you again for sharing these architectural gems, which are such an iconic part of Miami’s cultural heritage. We appreciate your leadership in protecting and preserving Miami’s unique and special places, and wish you continued success.


With warmest regards,


Stephanie K. Meeks.