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Miami Beach to be featured at “Sustainable & Authentic Florida” conference

Miami Beach will be one of four places featured at the Sustainable & Authentic Florida Conference October 17-19 in Ann Maria Island.

Miami Beach Community Development Corporation founder Denis Russ will head the team from Miami Beach. Russ explains: “Miami Beach is the best example of what this conference is about. When Disney ran off with our family-based tourism, we went into our own recession and came out, not by doing the same thing we had been, but by recreating ourselves on the strength of authentic architecture. We reformulated tourism based upon architecture, entertainment on Ocean Drive and the chic of Lincoln Road – with what we wanted for ourselves. Every downtown in Florida launched its own renewal in large part based upon how we showed the way.”

The conference will examine “placemaking” as an organizing principle for living and attending to today’s Florida. Speakers will position Florida in terms of historic preservation, social history, folklore, natural environment, economy and urban spaces. Other communities taking a similar leadership role include the DeLand region; coastal Wakulla and Franklin counties; and coastal Manatee County. 

MDPL expects to play a role in the effort to bring the 2013 conference to Miami Beach. 

Sessions for this year begin October 17 with a noon lunch and end at noon on October 19. Registration is $225 – which includes all meals and local transportation. Hotel rates start at $50 per person. 

For more more information, check out:  www.SustainableAndAuthenticFlorida.com