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MDPL’s Letter to the Miami Herald

Read All About It: Letter to the Miami Herald
In response to an article that appeared in the Miami Herald, MDPL chair Charles Urstadt wrote a letter that was published on December 27th. 

To the Editor:

The Dec. 26 story “Future, Past collide over Miami Beach Apple store’s next move”
refers to the process of how appointments are made to Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board. A more detailed explanation might be helpful.
The city reserves two of the seven board seats for candidates to be selected by the City Commission from a pool of applicants recommended by the Miami DesignPreservation League and Dade Heritage Trust. Both groups are nonprofit, member-supported organizations dedicated to historic preservation. As such, we are a resource that the city calls on to provide candidates who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about preservation standards and laws. However, the City Commission has final say over every board appointment.
This system has worked well for many years, and there is no reason to change it. The Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board has been nationally recognized for its record of balancing the rights and needs of property owners with the high preservation standards of the community.
The results speak for themselves: Thriving historic districts that are economic engines of Miami Beach draw visitors from around the world and provide a special quality of life for residents.
Charles Urstadt
Miami Design Preservation League
Miami Beach

The letter can be found on-line here: “Preservation Process.”