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MDPL and Breakwater Hotel “Save the Date!”

Ryan Brooks and Esti Montane, a young couple from San Francisco, had made arrangements to be married in sunny Miami Beach, FL. They gave a deposit to man who they thought was a broker and made plans to be wed in mansion called the Villa Maria. When the couple arrived just days before thier Miami Beach wedding, they discovered they had been scammed. The owner of the Villa Maria knew nothing of the arrangements and could not accommodate the couple.


After seeing the story on the evening news, MDPL and the Breakwater Hotel teamed up to save the couple’s special day. MDPL donated space at the Art Deco Welcome Center for the couple’s wedding reception and the ceremony was held on the newly renovated Breakwater rooftop. The couple also stayed for free in the bridal suite at the Breakwater Hotel. Brooks and Montane were very gracious and thankful for the donations and MDPL and the Breakwater were more than happy to help.

Art Deco Welcome Center