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Historic Homes and Out-of-Scale Construction

The month of July was a turbulent one for Miami Beach historic preservation.

While the wide spread destruction of historic homes continues unabated through out the city, MDPL’s continued efforts to keep a bright light on this issue has helped create some positive results.

The City Commission responded to the urgency of the problem at its July meeting and voted to move forward with an ordinance that will temporarily halt the issuance of demolition permits for pre-1942 architecturally significant homes. This was an important step and will give everyone concerned a chance to consider fair options to maintain the character of our residential neighborhoods and respect the rights of homeowners and their neighbors.

We applaud the ordinance’s sponsor Mayor Matti Bower and the commissioners who supported the measure.

At the same meeting, the City Commission also recognized the importance of offering incentives to homeowners to help them should they decide to preserve their houses. A new ordinance, written and supported by the city administration, contains creative ideas that will further the preservation of historic homes.

 Combating the demolition of historic homes and the spread of McMansions destroying the character of the city is a difficult and complicated undertaking. MDPL is currently studying what has been done successfully in other parts of the country. These solutions will be part of the discussion that the Planning Board and City Commission will be consider in the months to come.


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