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A Creative Preservationist: Isabella Mojares

Isabella Mojares is an eighth grader at Frank C. Martin International K-8 Center in Miami, an International Baccalaureate magnet school that emphasizes turning its students into well-balanced world citizens.

This spring, Isabella will complete the “Middle-Years Programme”, or MYP.  Each graduate must complete what is called a Global Service Learning project – an individual project that showcases their skills gained during the MYP years while also making a difference in our community.

In considering what type of project interested her, Isabella remembered a book she had read about a Frank Lloyd Wright building that had been in danger of being demolished. That story made an impression and it led her to create a project that would help support the preservation of architectural sites. Searching for ways to help, Isabella came up with the idea of creating note cards with photographs of Art Deco buildings. She figured selling the note cards would be a great way to raise money for preservation.

In January, Isabella contacted MDPL and explained her project idea. We arranged for Isabella and her father to go on an Art Deco walking tour at no charge. On the tour, Isabella captured the many Art Deco gems featured on the tour with her camera. In the end, she created 9 different cards that she sold to friends and family for $2 each. To further add to the fun (and funds), she came to the Art Deco Welcome Center to sell cards herself to the public.

So far, Isabella has raised $100 and has donated it all to MDPL for use on our Miami Beach Visual Memoirs project. As if that wasn’t enough, Isabelle came to the MDPL office to offer her time to help on office projects. And, she even wrote a Building of the Month article for an MDPL newsletter.

And now, because of her commitment to MDPL, we are happy to make Isabelle an official MDPL member.

Isabella is a thoughtful and determined young lady who developed a successful preservation project on her own time. Its volunteers like Isabella – young and old – who make MDPL and historic preservation everywhere work.

Thank you Isabella Mojares!