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Re-Survey Project

View the Art Deco Historic District building database:

MDPL is currently organizing volunteers to undertake a complete re-survey of all the structures within the Art Deco District. The survey will include two types on research; in-field and records search. Volunteers will visit every property in the district to determine if there have been any changes since the last survey. The existing conditions will be compared to the City of Miami Beach building records to create a complete history of each property. There are approximately 1,200 structures in the Art Deco District.

Visit www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl to see the results for yourself.  Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Lincoln Road, Espanola Way and more locations are already online.

You can read about a building’s architectural features, see photographs of the site and view the original building record. The site has mapping capabilities that allow users to see where buildings of a certain style are located. When the survey is completed we will have a complete count of how many Art Deco, MiMo and Mediterranean Revival buildings are in the district.  We will also be able to map buildings by year constructed.

The site is publically accessible and is a great education tool. The database will be part of our permanent museum as a resource to the local community, local organizations, realtors, developers and property owners. The database will be a community resource and a catalogue of Miami Beach’s treasured Art Deco Historic District.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We appreciate your feedback.

Visit: www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl