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NEW YORK TIMES: A Fight Over Historic Preservation Brews in Art Deco Country. Preservationists are now pushing hard to bolster historic preservation laws, a move that has ruffled wealthy property owners (and potential buyers) and stepped up pressure on local commissioners who are reluctant to wade into the politically precarious battle. Read more

MIAMI HERALD: A dispute between preservationists and one of the Real Housewives of Miami over the fate of a notable 1920’s Star Island home escalated late yesterday when the Miami Design Preservation League filed an application to designate the house as historic. A leading preservation group hopes to save an iconic 1920s Star Island house from demolition by having it designated a historic landmark.  Read more

SOUTH FLORIDA GAY NEWS: Gay and Lesbian Walking Tour Tells South Beach Stories. To learn more, I joined the LGBT History Walking Tour offered at sunset on the last Saturday of each month by the Miami Design Preservation League. Our guide is Mat Ruiz, a longtime resident of South Beach. Read more

MIAMI HERALD: Our Opinion: No to Power Grab, Yes to Fairness. So much of Miami Beach’s cachet is built upon the foundation of historic preservation. Where would South Beach be without the renovated Art Deco hotels? Read more












ProMark Chicago Cubs Splash Guard Pair
ProMark Chicago Cubs Splash Guard Pair The Right Pair of Junior Sports Footwear Shoes are worn to protect the toes which are certainly a quite important section of the human body. Any issues in the feet land us up in rather a mess. So acquiring the appropriate variety of sneakers is pretty crucial for all. We get a range of shoes for unique reasons and for all ages. Chicago Athletics What Subsequent? A Guide to Upcoming Gatherings A guidebook to Chicago sporting situations now that the Superbowl and NFL soccer is completed. The Chicago Bulls, NCAA basketball, MLB, Chicago Blackhawks, and NFL are profiled. Dates of crucial situations and their descriptions are stated. ProMark Chicago Cubs Splash Guard Pair Recommendations on Having the Right Mouth Guard to Safeguard Your Smile The possibility for injuries is pretty authentic in approximately each sport, even these that are not full speak to or generally viewed as hazardous. From soccer and baseball to running and roller skating, it is all much too uncomplicated for you to traumatically injure your mouth in just an prompt. And the destruction can last a life span. ProMark Chicago Cubs Splash Guard PairThere is no doubt that stress kills. There are many health professionals and medical analyses that validate the strong negative impact stress has on your health and general well being, as well as your longevity. It is the chronic, day in and day out stress that is the problem. It can exacerbate pain, cause depression, obesity, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and even contribute to the advancement of Alzheimer’s and cancer. There is good reason to learn how to control it.Stress is the result of receiving some sort of threat to our well being and your body reacts by secreting cortisol and adrenaline which increases your heart beat, blood pressure, strength, stamina, and general alertness. That threat can come from many sources but it usually is job or relationship based but other sources can be problems with your children, your health, or your finances along with your own unrealistic expectations. Your muscles become tight, your senses are heightened, and you are ready for flight or fight. You learned all that to survive many centuries before. Here are ten steps to help.1. Accept the fact that few escape stress. Don’t think you are immune and not subject to its negative consequences. Know thy enemy. Educate yourself more fully on just how stress can manifest itself.2. Know for certain that you can beat stress. This is key. It is this inner knowing not just believing that will make you successful in your head to head with stress. Go onto the internet and review all the positive stories of those who have dealt successfully with stress and come out on the other end with productive and happy lives. There is much value in the knowledge that others have experienced exactly your situation and more than survived very successfully.3. Get comfortable with your own physical, emotional, and mental self maintenance regimens. Know that a good diet, a strong exercise program combined with a good self image, and some inaugural low key spiritual practices can prepare you to deal successfully with stress. Just the knowledge that your mind, body and soul are in sturdy shape is a huge deterrent to stress getting a foothold.4. Adopt the attitude cheap uggs that “as one door closes another one always opens”. Know that all things happen for a reason and that there is something better just around the corner. When you start “knowing” this, you will see so many examples magically start appearing in your life.5. Bring humor into your life. Documentation abounds on the positive impact of humor. Watch humorous movies, explore humor on the internet, and learn to laugh things off. When you laugh, your body secretes endorphins positive mood enhancers.6. Adopt more positive friends and discard those that are continually negative. These kinds of people have an immense negative impact. Avoid them. Cheer up your living environment by bringing more cheerful, optimistic, and friendly people into your life. Turn the lights up, take time to smell the flowers and treat yourself on a regular basis to some chocolate, or a splurge dinner or vacation. It is important to have something to look forward to that makes you smile.7. Vitamin D3 is good for positive physical, mental, and emotional enhancement. Get out from under the umbrella and enjoy the warmth for short periods.8. Adopt the thought that “this too shall pass”.9. Eliminate the need to be “right”. Needing to be right is so important for so many of us that we destroy relationships and careers and eventually ourselves in its pursuit. Dr. Wayne Dyer has a great way to diffuse situations in which you find yourself needing to be right. He says just to say to the offending party, “You’re right about that!” and then let it go.10. And finally and most importantly, imagine yourself living a life without stress. Deeply internalize what that life might look like and feel the emotions that accompany that life and then start living your life as if that life was already in and about you. Adopt some time each day for some contemplative moments to remember to do all these exercises but especially this one.Someday, health experts will look back on how we are living our lives and realize how deadly stress was to our 21st century society.John Koeberer is co founder, CEO, and President of The California Parks Co., a company serving the hospitality needs of visitors to state and national parks. A graduate in business administration from San Jose State University, Koeberer has also had successful careers as a real estate broker, hospitality consultant, and co founder and CEO of a local community bank that eventually grew to become a billion dollar institution. Green Lighting Your Future is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and is sold in bookstores throughout the world. E books are also available on Kindle.The Smith machine, the piece of equipment with a barbell fixed in a sliding plane of motion, uggs outlet has a bad reputation among trainers and coaches and with good reason: It encourages poor form, makes strength imbalances worse and can cause injury by restricting natural movement.
If one of your arms is slightly longer than the other, for example, and you do a bench press using the Smith, the machine will force both arms to press the bar equally, says Aaron Brooks, a biomechanics expert and owner of Perfect Postures in Auburndale, Massachusetts. As a result, one side will get stronger than the other and stay that way.
“It’s not real movement,” Brooks said. “[The machine] forces the joints to move in a way they may not want to move in because it’s a fixed plane of motion.”
For this reason, performing the squats, bench presses, upright rows and other popular training moves commonly executed on the Smith machine is not your soundest option. But the Smith doesn’t have to be wasted gym real estate when you know how to safely use this fixed bar to train every part of your body.
Many times, people who are aiming for a good pushup start on the floor, which won’t help them improve very quickly. They should try utilizing the Smith machine instead.
Get a Stronger Squat on the Smith Without Squatting
Isometric moves like the plank train your body without moving a muscle and are great for more than your core. Just try holding a body weight squat in the bottom position for more than a few seconds, and you’ll feel the burn.
But while moves like these, or “yielding isometrics,” allow muscles to lengthen, there’s another type of isometric exercise called “overcoming isometrics.” Overcoming isometric exercises add more power to your body, says Jeremy Frisch, owner and director of Achieve Performance Training in Clinton, Massachusetts.
To get a feel for an overcoming isometric move, stand in front of a wall and push it as if you were going to move the building. The building probably won’t move, but your body will tire out.
Pushing against an immovable object like this is “one of the best ways to get stronger at a movement,” Frisch explained. “You’re working the prime mover muscles,” which will make you more powerful at the start of a movement. And the Smith machine’s fixed bar is a great immovable object to push during squats, bench presses and shoulder presses.
To perform an overcoming isometric squat on the Smith machine, perform the down portion of the squat using an unloaded bar. At the bottom of the move, lock the bar in place. Press up on the bar, pushing against its immobility, just as you did against the wall in the example. Hold this push for as long as you can or up to 30 seconds.
Although the bench press is not something you should perform on the Smith, you can do a more advanced move on the machine that will strengthen your chest even faster: the bench press throw throwing and catching the bar at the top of presses.
To perform the toss safely, lie beneath the Smith machine and execute six reps, or fewer, per set. This is the optimum range for enhancing power.
Not everyone is ready to toss the bar, however or to even do a traditional pushup to work the chest. In these cases, too, the fixed bar can come in handy, says Jeremy Frisch, owner and director of Achieve Performance Training in Clinton, Massachusetts.
Frisch says that many times people who are aiming for a good pushup start on the floor, which won’t help them improve very quickly. If this applies to you, try utilizing the Smith instead. Place the bar at an incline to train with your hands on the bar, maintaining a straight body line from head to heels during the pushup motion.
“As you get better at that incline,” Frisch said, “move it down and down and down, until you can do [the pushups] on the floor.”
The Best Place in the Gym to Row
Not only is the fixed bar of the Smith great for incline pushups, it’s also great for turning the pushup upside down working horizontal pulling with the inverted row.
Set the bar at hip height and lie beneath the bar, instructs Craig Ballantyne, creator and owner of Turbulence Training fat loss system. Reach your arms up and grab the bar with an overhand grip that’s slightly beyond shoulder width. Create a straight body line from head to heels, with your heels resting on the floor and your torso suspended in the air. Keeping a rigid body line, pull your chest to the bar.
Don’t move the bar around, advises Ballantyne. If you set it too high, you’ll likely contort your body to get your chest up. Setting the bar at “hip height generally works because it allows you to drop down and come up without using any body English,” Ballantyne said.
To make the move easier, bend your knees slightly or even all the way to 90 degrees. If you bend your knees, however, make certain you keep your body straight from shoulders to knees throughout the move.
Open Your Hips to Relieve Pain and Strengthen Your Legs
Most exercisers don’t move laterally once they’ve left organized athletics, which is rough on our hips, says Frisch. Without this side to side movement, our hips and groins tighten, which can cause back and hip pain, and we lose single leg strength, which can make us prone to injury.
The Smith machine can fix this with the barbell duck under.
“You’re going to shift the weight from foot to foot and really force yourself to get good on one leg,” Frisch said. “You get mobility. You get great range of motion in the groin area. It’s a great body awareness drill.”