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close this windowyou’ll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.The Acronis True Image Desktop Suite is a piece of software that provides users with online backup. Backup software is best used for recovery when your computer crashes, when your computer gets infected with a virus or if your physical computer gets damaged beyond repair and you have no other way of accessing your data saved on the computer.
With the fall of the floppy and eventual demise of CD/DVD media, the original file backup methods, online backup programs have become more and more popular. Though many computer systems come with a pre installed backup program, some purchased programs will offer features not given on pre set backup programs. Acronis is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
FeaturesAcronis goes on your computer and takes the files from your file folders and saves them on an online database which you can access from any computer. This will allow you to recover documents that may have been lost on your old computer. However, Acronis also promises to save applications and systems rather than just files, which is much more than a regular online backup service will offer. You can then password protect all of your files so that they can only be accessed by you. This promises a heavy degree of protection for all of your files cheap uggs and information that you might consider sensitive or vital.
However, before you spring for the software, it is always important to know the good and the bad of Acronis True Image Desktop Suite. In knowing all of the facts and foibles, you can make a better decision on which software is best for you and your needs.
Pros: Unlimited Storage and More Unlimited storage is hardly ever promised with an online backup system, but with Acronis True Image Desktop Suite you are promised as much memory as you need with no limit. This means that you can have virtually infinite files saved on Acronis. This is something that is not offered at any other backup site.
Ease of use is also a very important aspect to take into account when shopping for software. For Acronis, you will never be stumbling around in the dark. Their help desk offers you complete support on any and all projects that you want to get done and they offer technical support for the items that you cannot fix in the tutorials or by reading the guides. This means that you will never lose your files when trying to save anything, and if you do, they will be there to help you out.
Glitch free is the way to be for this software. Their system works in an overlapping fashion so that if the system crashes for some reason, your files will not be lost in the shuffle. They keep documentations of all the online backups, allowing you to retrieve them at any time without having to put up with those troublesome glitches.
Spyware Invincible programs allow for each file to be scanned individually for harmful viruses. This means that, no matter what, your files are going to be safe when they are stored.
Cons: Interface and SlownessAcronis promises and delivers on many aspects that make it a valuable backup software, but no software is perfect. If you are an aesthetic person, you will find little joy in the interface. The Acronis user interface is very dry and technical. Though this does not create any issues of usability, it might turn some users off.
Long load times are also one of the banes of this software. Because of all of the processes that a file must pass through before it gets loaded onto the system, a single file can take up to ten minutes to load. This means that if you have a lot of files to upload onto the system, you could be working at it for several hours, if not days, depending on the amount of data you are trying to back up. This also means that your computer will be tied up in processes while the files are uploading, so do not attempt to run any other programs.
The Bottom Line
So is Acronis True Image Desktop Suite worth using? Though it has several fall backs that might turn some users off to its use, for the most part, the software is infallible in its protection. Though you will sacrifice some time when downloading files onto the program, you will find that, once they are uploaded, they will be protected no matter what happens to your computer or system. What more is that the software is only $39.99, making it relatively cheap for the amount of function that it offers. Without a doubt, if you are looking for quality in the online backup program that you are using, Acronis True Image is the software for you.
What others are readingGetting Back Files Deleted by AVGHow to Recover Data from a Crashed External Hard DriveAdvanced SystemCare Free ReviewNotebook Backup RecommendationsHow to Set Up Password Protection for External DrivesBackup and Recovery Program Shootout: Norton Ghost vs.Fort Campbell, KY Nearly 120 Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division participated in the 2012 Week of the Eagles Marksmanship Competition here August 14th to provide the Soldiers a challenging and realistic assessment of their marksmanship skills and provide scores toward the Commander’s Cup.
Out of the seven units that competed, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team “Strike” won first place overall, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team “Rakkasans” won second place and the 1st Brigade Combat Team “Bastogne” won third place. The scoring system for all of the events provided each team one point per hit on target and deducted one point per safety violation and for every 30 seconds of the timed movements between firing orders. The winner was determined by the total hit count remaining after all deductions.
Fort Campbell, KY Golf is a sport loved by people all over; Soldiers are no different. Fort Campbell’s Cole Park Commons Golf Course hosted the Week of the Eagles, Legacy Golf Tournament August 13th. Despite inclement weather, 36 teams came out for the best ball style tournament hoping to emerge on top.
“I think we have some great teams out here,” said Maj. Gen. James C. McConville, commanding general of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and Fort Campbell. “I think it’s a great day to come out and celebrate being a part of the 101st Airborne Division.”
The Strike Brigade’s Team Two poses with their gold medals at Fort Campbell’s Cole Park Commons after winning the Week of the Eagles Legacy Golf Tournament, Aug 13. The tournament hosted 36 teams of four in a best ball style competition. Strike Team 2 finished with a 14 under par, while Strike’s Team 1 finished 1st place in the 4th flight with 4 under par. Army uggs outlet photo by Sgt. Jason Ross, 2nd BCT PAO, 101st Abn. Div.)
Fort Campbell, KY The Week of the Eagles has been a Fort Campbell tradition for over 70 years. This tradition brings not only Soldiers, but also their family members and Veterans of the Screaming Eagle family as well.
The events started in 1970′s to build the cohesion of Soldiers. Over that span, the events have evolved not just for Soldier participation, but also former Screaming Eagles and family members alike. The week is a highlight for some.
Fort Campbell Strike’s dodge ball team made of Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), poses with Command Sgt. Maj. Alonzo J. Smith, command sergeant major of the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell, after winning the Week of the Eagles 2012 Dodge Ball tournament at Fort Campbell, Aug 15. The Dodge ball tournament is a new event for Fort Campbell’s Week of the Eagles, which is held to build cohesion within the brigade teams throughout the division. Army photo by SPC. Jared Houke, 2nd BCT PAO, 101st ABN. DIV)
Fort Campbell, KY Soccer, or football to the rest of the world, is a sport that is gaining popularity in the United States. The Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), competed in a tournament during Week of the Eagles to determine the best Soccer team in the division.
Beginning with nine teams consisting of Soldiers from all across Fort Campbell, the championship was decided August 15th. The tournament stretched out over three days and was a test of all the preparations leading up to Week of the Eagles 2012.
Members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) show off their gold after defeating the 101st Sustainment Brigade 2 0 in the 2012 Week of the Eagle Championship Soccer game. The Rakkasans dominated the 25 minute second half, scoring their second goal and never looking back. (Photo by Maj. Stacy Hopwood, 3BCT PAO)
Fort Campbell, KY The sun rises on a somewhat seasonably cold Saturday Kentucky morning, a mass of people gather in an open lot; they shake hands, embrace each other, they’ve come to honor their fallen heroes.
The Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), know the importance of honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. During this Week of the Eagles 2012, the Run for the Fallen event was held at the Sabalauski Air Assault School, August 11th, bringing Soldiers, Veterans and Family members together to remember.
Michelle Leibold, wife of Spc. Jeff Leibold, an infantryman with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), pay their respects to a fallen comrade during the Run for the Fallen Aug. 11th. Army photo by Sgt. They are both a timed team event, in which the outcome depends on an individual performance.
Each brigade within the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), has representing teams for each race. The teams met up on the Sunday morning of August 12th at Fort Campbell Sabalauski Air Assault School and put on display all of that hard work and physical training they invested in for this competition.
Spc. Logan Donahue, an infantryman with 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), sprints his way to the finish line during a 10 kilometer race at Fort Campbell’s Sabalauski Air Assault School, Aug. 12th. The race was a part of The Week of the Eagles 2012, competition promoting unit cohesion throughout the division. (US Army Photo by Pfc.
Most Recently, Strike’s 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, also known as First Strike and whose military call sign is Talon, brings deployed scenarios every week to its stateside units and calls the operations Talon Shock.

Art Deco & MiMo Tour Guide Academy

Art Deco and MiMo Appreciation one-day course

Sunday, November 2nd, 10am – 4pm Art Deco and MiMo

Tour Guide Academy three-day course and certification

Sunday, November 2nd, 10am – 4pm

Sunday, November 9th, 10am – 4pm

Sunday, November 16th,  10am – 4pm

Miami Design Preservation League offers the Art Deco + MiMo Tour Guide Academy, a course designed for individuals who would like to know more about Art Deco and Miami Modern architecture, also known as “MiMo”. The Art Deco + MiMo Tour Guide Academy also serves as a training program for individuals who would like to become volunteer guides for MDPL, leading walking tours of the Art Deco District and the newly recognized MiMo districts of North Beach. Individuals not interested in becoming MDPL tour guides will register for the one-day appreciation course. Individuals interested in becoming certified MDPL tour guide will participate in the full three-day course.

Please submit application by October 26, 2014.

 Art Deco & MiMo Tour Guide Academy


The Miami Beach Century

The City of Miami Beach will be 100 years old in 2015. To kick off the Miami Beach centennial celebration, the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) will open a museum about the city’s architecture and history in October of 2014 at the Art Deco Welcome Center. The Center is located at 10th and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. MDPL has a 16-month program plan including exhibits, lectures and special anniversary editions of their daily Art Deco Walking Tour and their annual festival, Art Deco Weekend.

Thank you to our Centennial Sponsors:

MiamiHerald CLR 250x60 The Miami Beach Century



Welcome Constact contact header3 250x50 The Miami Beach Century



Soul of Miami 250x33 The Miami Beach Century


bigmouthgirlz 250x104 The Miami Beach Century






October 1, 2014: Public Grand Opening of the Art Deco Museum. Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am – 5pm at 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. 

October 2014 – December 2014: TOUR: Official Art Deco Walking Tour, Miami Beach Centennial Edition. Leaves daily at 10:30am from the Art Deco Welcome Center (Thursdays 10:30am & 6:30pm). $25 per person. $20 for students, seniors and military. 

October 2, 2014: 30th Anniversary of Miami Vice Panel Discussion led by Miami Herald. Art Deco Welcome Center, 6:30PM. $10 hrld.us/tickets.

October 7, 2014: LECTURE: 100 Years of Miami Beach History with Historian Seth Bramson. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

October 16, 2014: LECTURE: 100 Years of Architecture with Architect Allan Shulman. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

October, 2014 (DATE TBD): Screening of Miami Beach Historical Documentary. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

November 6, 2014: PANEL DISCUSSION: 100 Years of Tourism led by George Neary, Director of Cultural Tourism for GMCVB. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

November 18, 2014: PANEL DISCUSSION: 100 Years of Celebrities led by Louis Canales, Publicist & Nightclub Promoter. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

January 16 – 18, 2015: 38th Annual Art Deco Weekend: The Miami Beach Century

The following events will take place in the Museum (for full schedule visit www.artdecoweekend.com):

  • Lectures
    • Art Deco Comes to Miami Beach: 1925-1935 (Lecture #1 of the Decades of Stories Centennial Series covering: Moderne architecture, Paris Exhibition, 1926 hurricane, Depression, Casa Casuarina)
    • Art Deco Comes to Miami Beach: 1935-1945 (Lecture #2 of the Decades of Stories Centennial Series covering the arrival of Art Deco in Miami Beach, 1936 hurricane, WWII)
    • Shanghai Art Deco: Preview of the 2015 World Congress of Art Deco in Shanghai
    • The Mob in Miami Beach with Meyer Lansky’s grandson and others
  • Exhibit: The People of Miami Beach, a photo exhibit of the residents and visitors of Miami Beach over the last century. (This exhibit will remain open until July 2015)
  • Miami Beach Visual Memoirs: presentation of two new video products about the history of Miami Beach as told by the people of Miami Beach.

February 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE: The Post-war/MiMo Boom: 1945-1955 (Post-WWII boom, Kefauver hearings, Lapidus, MIMO, Fontainebleau). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

March 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE: Muhammad Ali and the Beatles: 1955-1965 (Godfrey, Gleason, Sullivan, Beatles, Ali). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

March 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE: How It All Began: 1915-1925 (WWI, Collins, Fisher, The Lummus Brothers, Prohibition). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

April 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE:  An Aging Miami Beach: 1965-1975 (The Decline, God’s Waiting Room). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

July and August 2015: EXHIBIT:  3rd Annual Art Deco Inspired Art Show, a showcase of local artists whose work is inspired by Art Deco and Miami Beach. Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. 

October 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE:  The Revival Years: 1975-1985 (Capitman, Horowitz, MDPL, Mariel Boatlift, National Register listing, MBCDC, Miami Vice). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

October 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE:  The Developers: 1985-1995 (Goldman, Gross, Robbins, Versace, Weber, Gay Movement). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

November 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE:  The New Boom: 1995-2005 (Versace death, Economic resurgence, Lincoln Road). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.

November 2015 (DATE TBD): LECTURE:  Starchitects in Miami Beach: 2005-2015 (Starchitects: Frank Gehry, Herzog de Meuron, Enrique Norton, Arquitectonica, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Robert A.M. Stern). Art Deco Welcome Center, 7PM. FREE Event.


Special Event Tours

MiMo on the Beach Walking Tour

Tour departs at 9:30am from the SE corner of 73rd St. and Collins on the following dates:

First Saturday of each month

Want to learn more about Miami Modern architecture? The Miami Design Preservation League has joined forces with North Beach Development Corporation to bring you this ninety-minute guided walking tour. You;ll learn how to identify the many unique traits of MiMo architecture by visiting a number of different public and private buildings.

Payment by cash or check ($20.00) will be taken at the start of the tour, and no . MDPL members may participate at no charge.

Purchase Tickets Online


Gay and Lesbian Walking Tour

Fourth Saturday of each month.    

The Miami Design Preservation League has joined forces with the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau to bring you this ninety-minute guided walking tour on the fourth Saturday of each month. Tour depart from MDPL’s Art Deco Welcome Center, 1001 Ocean Drive at 10th Street. Reservations are not required. Tickets are $20.  MDPL and MDGLCC members may participate at no charge.

Purchase Tickets Online