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Would you pay $2,000 for a bottle of craft beer? If you’re one of the 12 lucky souls who last month snatched up the most recent release of “Dave,” a strong barleywine from Portland, Ore. brewery Hair of the Dog, the answer is yes.
Barleywine is a dark, robust beer that usually boasts a high cheap uggs alcohol content. “Dave” is no exception it’s 29 percent alcohol by volume, the result of a 19 year aging first in oak barrels, then in glass bottles.
So why is it so expensive? Hair of the Dog began “Dave” sold for $80 a bottle in 1998. But it proved popular. Three years ago, bottles were auctioned off for $1,500 a pop. This year, the bottles were the most expensive they’ve ever been, at $2,000 each. But the price tag didn’t dissuade “Dave” enthusiasts the only available bottles sold out within hours. (A percentage of profits will go to a charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind.)People are extremely busy and their lives are hectic. When they look through their mail, or look through a newspaper, or listen to a telemarketer or sales presentation, they are looking and listening for only one thing “What do you have for me?”
If they don’t see or hear “what’s in it for them” within 15 seconds, they will respond immediately with, “Sorry, not interested!”
They are not going to dig through your sales letter, or your ad, or your verbal presentation to find out if you have anything of interest for them. If you don’t tell them immediately and upfront what you have for them, you will have lost them in seconds.
If you are creating an ad, tell them in your headline at the top of the ad. If you are writing a sales letter, put it in your headline at the top of your letter. Yes, sales letters should have a headline just like an ad.
If you are talking to them in person or on the phone, tell them upfront what you have for them. You see, even a face to face or phone contact should have a headline too.
It’s vital to ensure that what you have for them, and what they want are both the same. If what you have for them in your headline isn’t what they want, then you’ve lost before you’ve begun. That’s why it’s so important for you to know exactly what your prospects and customers want before you begin spending money on marketing. Test, don’t guess.
2. Sub Head:
Tell Them They Will Have To Act Quickly To Get It
We all procrastinate. We put off taking action even for things we want for a variety of reasons. We get easily distracted. If you don’t get immediate action from your target group, there is a good chance they won’t come back to your marketing vehicle later. It will surely get lost or tossed. Out of sight, out of mind.
It’s up to you to help your prospects and customers overcome their tendency to procrastinate and take immediate action to get what you are offering. You do that with what is called a Sense of Urgency. Tell them the offer ends on a particular date, perhaps in a week or two. Or tell them that there is a limited supply, or that they will receive a special bonus if they act now, but they will miss the bonus if they put it off.
Like it or not, you need to use a Sense of Urgency if you have any hope of overcoming the universal human trait of procrastination. Start looking more closely at the marketing vehicles you receive every day, and you’ll begin to see that effective marketing always gives you a reason to act now.
3. Body Copy:
Tell Them The Details Of What They Will Get
You got your targets” attention with your headline, by telling them that you have what they want. Now it’s time to tell them exactly what they will get if they respond to your marketing offer.
Tell them exactly what is included. Tell them the specific features of your offer and how they will benefit from them. Tell them how others have been benefited. Provide them with specific numbers if appropriate.
Use bold sub heads and bullets to make it easy for them to skim to the information that is important to them.
4. Call To Action:
Tell Them What They Must Do To Get It
Don’t assume that your prospects and customers will figure out how to get what you are offering. They won’t do your work for you.
If they have to call to get uggs outlet it, then tell them to call. If they have to write or drop a post card in the mail, or fax something to you, then tell them clearly.Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. Higher levels of abdominal fat carry health risks that make following a healthy nutritional plan important to your long term health.
When your body shape resembles an apple, you store fat not only directly under your skin’s surface, but also deep into your stomach region, according to the Harvard Medical School. This visceral fat not only adds inches to your waistline, but it also affects your glucose levels, increases the risk of inflammation and can release substances such as “free fatty acids” into your portal vein. A publication from Harvard Medical School indicates that these substances can negatively affect your cholesterol levels. While it can be difficult to get rid of the fat closer to the surface of your skin, you can reduce the amount of visceral fat you carry through dedicated diet and exercise.
A study published in the May 2007 edition of the “Journal of the American Medical Association” studied the effect of different dietary components on overweight participants. A diet based on eating foods on the lower end of the glycemic scale helped people whose body placed them into the “apple shaped” category lose weight more effectively than diets that were simply based on a reduced caloric and fat intake. The glycemic index measures a food’s effect on your blood sugar. A food with a glycemic index of 55 or less may help you lose excess belly fat when combined with cardiovascular exercise. As a reference point, pure glucose has a glycemic index rating of 100.
Developing a nutrition plan to reduce your waist size and amount of visceral fat can be relatively simple, as many foods that fall within this category are whole, natural foods that are readily available at most grocery stores. Avoid foods made with white or brown sugar, and use sugar substitutes in your drinks. Low glycemic index grains include those made from corn, barley or rye. Read the label on cereals, processed foods and bread, and avoid those with added sugars. Choose low fat dairy and protein foods to save calories and avoid unneeded saturated fats. Eat mainly non starchy vegetables and limit the number of times each week you have peas or potatoes. Dried fruits contain higher concentrations of sugar, so choose natural fruits, such as citrus fruits, grapes, pears or peaches.
A typical day of eating in an attempt to reduce the “apple shape” appearance of your body may start with a slice of rye or pumpernickel bread spread with 1 teaspoon of natural peanut butter. Other appropriate breakfast choices include bran cereal with skim milk, and an apple or orange. Lunch foods can include spinach wraps, black beans and converted white rice, and raw spinach. Add a cup of fat free or reduced fat yogurt and a piece of fruit to your lunch. More protein choices include lean seafood or poultry. Avoid meats with breading, as the breading increases the glycemic index of the meat. For dinner, have a large salad with fat free dressing, a lean protein choice, a small serving of a whole grain, such as rice or a roll, and 1 1/2 cups of steamed vegetables.