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Steven Pynes, Chair

Meg Florian, Vice Chair

Eric Holland, Vice Chair

Jack Johnson, Vice Chair

Clotilde Luce, Vice Chair

John Bachay, Treasurer

John Forbes, Secretary

Board of Directors

Gary Appel

John Bachay

Lori Bakkum

William Cary

Meg Florian

John Forbes

Jane Dee Gross

William Hahne

Eric Holland

Jack Johnson

Michael Kinerk*

Christina LaBuzetta

Henry Lares

Clotilde Luce

Mitch Novick

Steven Pynes

Charles Urstadt

Dona Zemo

* Chairman Emeritus


Marie Hernandez -Business Manager

Iris Chase -Director, Retail Operations

Dennis Wilhelm – Director, Barbara Baer Capitman Archives

Sara Aedo – Director of the Visitor Center

Amanda MacMaster  – Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Richard Towers – Facility Manager

Wendy Hayward – Director, Programs and Outreach

Daniel Ciraldo – Historic Preservation Officer