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Goal hero Masato Saito. An unusual collection of words there
It may have been 99% sure after last weekend’s sensational victory at FC Tokyo, but Omiya Ardija made it absolutely certain that they will retain their J1 status for 2008 in the last game of what has been a traumatic season. With relegation rivals Sanfrecce Hiroshima unable to pull off the required big win over Gamba Osaka, the Mighty Squirrels confirmed matters with a solid performance at Omiya Koen against Kawasaki Frontale one of the division’s form teams.
Despite the fact that it took Ardija until injury time to grab the point, Omiya were the better side for most of the match and it was the familiar problem of poor finishing that almost proved costly. the Luckiest Man Alive, elected to field a front pairing of top scorer Kota Yoshihara and Hiroshi Morita, but it was Frontale who took the lead via a bullet header from 23 year old forward Tese Chong following a corner midway through the first half.
The Squirrels had a few chances in the opening period and nearly equalised through the unlikely figure of Morita, whose acrobatic overhead went flashing inches past Eiji Kawashima’s post. Chikara Fujimoto almost followed on from his vital goal against Tokyo by lobbing Kawashima from well inside the Ardija half, but Cheeky’s ambitious effort went just wide with the Kawasaki keeper left flailing.
But it was a more attacking and threatening Omiya team that took to the field after the interval, numerous chances being created but none converted. Yoshiyuki Kobayashi had a shot from fifty yards that was caught just under the bar by Kawashima and Daigo Kobayashi fired in two dangerous free kicks one of which went just over from 35 yards and another late on that struck the woodwork. Big defender Leandro sought to build upon his spectacular solo goal last Saturday, but placed a free header wide of the target when he should have scored.
An emotional Seiichiro Okuno
Perhaps appropriately, though bearing in mind the fact that the game marked the retirement of an Omiya legend in former captain Seiichiro Okuno it was Okuno’s longest standing team mate Masato Saito who popped up with the equaliser in stoppage time. A cross cum shot from Yoshiyuki Kobayashi fell at the feet of the midfield man, who rifled an angled right foot shot into the Kawasaki net for his first league goal since 2004.
Emotional scenes followed when Saito raced over to Okuno on the substitutes’ bench to celebrate, as tears ran down the cheeks of the departing skipper. After the final whistle, there was an Okuno tribute that even included a message from his long time defensive partner Toninho. But Ardija are safe roll on 2008!
Photos to follow
A picture of Leandro
Omiya Ardija defender Leandro guaranteed himself instant club legend status in a dramatic afternoon at Ajinomoto on Saturday, as in the closing seconds of the game with FC Tokyo he scored the goal that almost ensures the Squirrels’s J1 survival. After an incredible run, the big Brazilian fired home from ten yards to clinch a vital victory with what was, remarkably, his first goal of the season.
While relegation rivals Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Ventforet Kofu were losing their matches, perhaps the greatest goal ever scored by an Ardija player meant that Satoru Sakuma’s team were able to squeeze past the Gasheads 2 1. A day that had begun jam packed with tension ended with Omiya three points ahead of a Hiroshima side on cataclysmically bad form and with a markedly better goal difference into the bargain. In other words, barring total disaster in the final match of the season, Leandro’s goal has succeeded in keeping the Squirrels in J1.
Contrary to press reports before kick off, Sakuma fielded a relatively conventional line up, Yosuke Kataoka coming into central midfield in place of Naoya Saeki and Kota Yoshihara making a welcome return to the team alongside Hiroshi Morita up front. And it was Yoshihara who was the key man for Ardija, who looked committed from the start, pressing and harrying an FC Tokyo team with little to play for but pride.
Another picture of Leandro. Woohoo!
The one time Japanese international forward had some good opportunities in the opening period. The first of these arrived in the sixth minute when Yoshiyuki Kobayashi’s blocked shot fell to Omiya’s diminuitive number nine, who struck his shot wide of the right post. Later, Yoshihara had another good chance when Daigo Kobayashi put him clean through only for the outstretched hand of Hitoshi Shiota to prevent an opening goal and the same player should again have scored shortly afterwards, when he ballooned a shot over the bar after Yoshiyuki set him up.
Otherwise, the first half was fairly even, with not much threat at either end, but just a couple of minutes after the re start the home side took the lead when right sided midfield man Naohiro Ishikawa took delivery of a clever back pass and smashed a shot past Koji Ezumi. After a decent performance, things could scarcely have looked bleaker for Omiya.
In contrast with so many of this season’s performances, however, these cornered Squirrels fought back and with the crowd barely back in their seats after Ishikawa’s opener, Yoshihara dis possessed a defender and squared it for captain Chikara Fujimoto to fire home an equaliser. Frustratingly, with the score at one apiece and in the knowledge that winning the game would provide a massive advantage in the relegation fight Sakuma opted for a more defensive formation and Ardija were on the backfoot for most of the remainder of the game.
With time running out and thoughts starting to turn to what would have been next week’s decider against Kawasaki Frontale, Leandro won a tackle on the edge of his own penalty area and weaved his way past several defenders, running virtually the whole length of the pitch finally to blast a right foot shot past Shiota from ten yards out. TRACKBACK(0) COMMENT(3)
The distant Yamanashi view of the Squirrel Nation
If Omiya Ardija do manage to avoid relegation at the end of this season, they will look back to Sunday’s match with rivals Ventforet Kofu and will surely believe that they were lucky to get a point and indeed to prevent Kofu from obtaining what would have been a crucial win for the claret and blues. Squirrels coach Satoru Sakuma fielded a starting line up that had in total netted only seven league goals all year, adopting a 4 5 1 from the start and rookie forward Pedro Junior understandably struggled to cope against three markers.
Ardija nevertheless had some reasonable chances in the first half defender Daisuke Tomita had a header from a 34th minute corner that cleared the bar and Pedro Junior beat his man and was about to round keeper Tatsuya Tsuruta and score, when Tsuruta stuck out an arm to prevent the youngster from giving Omiya a 1 0 lead. The home side, however, were particularly dangerous from set plays, especially free kicks, and had several notable opportunities when Squirrels netminder Koji Ezumi had to be particularly alert.
That idiot Nishimura chases Katsuya Ishihara
In the second half, star midfielder Daigo Kobayashi had a couple of long range left footed efforts, Pedro Junior had a shot blocked with the keeper in no man’s land and Ardija’s chance of the game fell to substitute Naoto Sakurai who sent in a right footed curler that Tsuruta palmed on to the angle of post and crossbar and out for a corner. The majority of possession remained with a Ventforet side desperately seeking a goal and those three precious points and the final few minutes were horribly nerve wracking for Omiya supporters.
Unbelievably, right back Takuro Nishimura on his first game back in the team got himself sent off as he had done just last month at Albirex Niigata and after that it looked like Omiya would get punished in injury time, as had occurred in that match. And how Ventforet failed to score remains a mystery. Deep into injury time, confusion between Tomita and Yusuke Murayama resulted in Zeljko Radovic being completely clean through with the simple task of Ezumi to beat. He didn’t. The ball went wide and seconds later the referee blew his whistle. A fortuitous point and thanks to Leandro’s equaliser for Vissel Kobe at Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Omiya stay fifteenth.Welcome to adulthood! You’re . well . not going to love it so much at the beginning. There is a steady stream of new expenses, problems and lessons to discover the first few years on your own that may be daunting but will prepare you for the rest of your life. Though the learning part isn’t so fun, acknowledging these challenges is the first step into adulthood.
1. Just because you get clean in the shower doesn’t mean your shower is clean. The shower is a dirty, disgusting place unless you scrub it yourself.
4. Oh, you have the flu? Need to fix a toothache? Is it time for your annual check up? You’re going to have to make those doctor’s appointments, they haven’t been made for you.
Your College MajorMost college freshmen don’t know their major going into college and if they do, they frequently end up changing it after a semester or a year. The whole point of college is exploration: Take your time and try out different subjects until you find one that sticks.
What You’re Looking For In A RelationshipIt can take a lot of relationship experience to figure out what you’re really looking for in a partner. And by no means is that something you need to fugure out in high school or even college. Spending times with different types of people, and having both good and bad experiences with them, will make your needs and desires clear in time. when you have an exam the next morning is probably not the best idea, but don’t feel bad about spending a seemingly inordinate amount of time on your favorite social network. Twitter and Tumblr can be a great way to connect with others and figure out your own interests and aesthetics.
Defining Your Personal StyleYour style will likely change drastically as you get older and experiment with different looks don’t worry about figuring out whether to label your style as “glam” or “boho.” Just look at Taylor Swift, who has changed her signature style with each album. Have fun exploring and gradually figuring out what looks you feel the most, well, you.
Having A Perfect ResumeIn high school and college, there’s a lot of pressure to succeed in your academics, extra curriculars and internships. But if you participate in activities and go after awards solely for the sake of your resume not out of real interest colleges and employers will probably be able to tell. Do things because they’re what you love!
Being A Super FanSo what if you worship your favorite star? Now is the time in your life to declare your unfailing, til death to us part devotion to that special singer or actor you love. Don’t let the haters make you feel embarrassed about that “one thing” you can’t get enough of whether it’s the Biebs or the 1D boys. You have the whole rest of your life to play it cool.
Finding The Right Group Of FriendsFinding good friends in high school is important, but don’t stress about it too much if you have never found the perfect group of friends. As you move into college and the real world, where you’re interacting with a larger and more diverse demographic, you’ll find those people you really want to spend your time with.
Being Able To Cook A Gourmet MealEven if cooking isn’t your thing, it’s still worth learning how to make a meal that doesn’t come out of a can or box. But don’t stress about being able to prepare meals worthy of a five star restaurant simple, basic recipes can still be healthy, delicious, and impressive to dinner party guests.
Finding ‘The One’Think your high school sweetheart is the real deal? Finding love when you’re young is an incredible experience, but don’t worry too much about finding your “forever.” You have years ahead of you to find yourself before you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Still Going To Your Parents For HelpIf you’re 12, 18, or even 30 years old, it’s okay to lean on your parents for help or support whenever you need it. Growing up means learning to do things on your own, yes, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone. Learn to lean on the people who will always be there for you.
Understanding Your SexualitySexuality and attraction can take many different forms, and it’s something you can spend your entire life exploring. Questioning your sexual orientation can be a challenging process, but try to remember that it’s okay if you’re still figuring it all out.
Defining Your Political BeliefsNot sure if you lean liberal or conservative, or what exactly all the differences are between the Democrats and the GOP? Don’t sweat it. While it’s important to stay informed about current events and issues in our country, figuring out what side you’re on isn’t so important. It’s the issues, not the parties, that really matter.
Getting A Credit CardUnless you HAVE to, just don’t. Credit cards are dangerous because they can feel like free money a track that many debt laden college students have fallen into. Stick to cash and a debit card until you determine that you’re ready to build good credit and have the resources to pay off your bill every month.
Acting Like A Little Kid SometimesIn your rush to leave childhood in the dust, don’t worry about acting like a kid sometimes you know, taking time to just play. Make a 10 minute stop at the swingset on your walk home, let yourself doodle during class, and enjoy an ice cream cone (with rainbow sprinkles) when you’re having a bad day and need a pick me up.
Being SingleWhen your friends are all in relationships and every teen magazine is giving you tips on how to “Get a boyfriend now!” it’s hard not to feel inadequate about being single. Whether you’re a serial dater or you’ve never been in a real relationship, learning how to embrace being on your own is a skill that will make you stronger and happier for the rest of your life.
Following A ‘Life Timeline’For the more type A among us, it’s almost instinctive to try to chart out your life: Make the varsity team by sophomore year, get a boyfriend or girlfriend by senior year, travel abroad by 18, get a job right out of college. It’s important to have goals, but let’s be honest life doesn’t really work that way. Save yourself a lot of frustration by being flexible about when you accomplish things and not getting too upset when life don’t go exactly according to plan.
Being PerfectThis goes for individuals of all ages, but the pressure to be perfect can be especially challenging as a teenager. Time spent worrying about being a straight A student, having a flawless figure or living the perfect life is time wasted. Embrace your flaws.
Knowing If/When You Want To Get Married Or Have KidsWhether you think you may want to start a family right after you graduate or the mere idea of marriage sends you into a tailspin, knowing if and when you want to settle down isn’t something to waste your energy worrying about. Chances are, you’ll change your mind a handful of times during your teens, 20s and 30s before you figure it out and that’s totally OK.
Knowing What You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your LifeWhen you’re feeling pressured to figure out where you’re going to college, what your major will be, and in turn, what you want in your career, it’s easy to stress out over your entire life plan. But the truth of the matter is that interests evolve and that most people change their careers many times of their course of their lives. If you haven’t found your passion, experiment with cheap uggs things that sound fun to you until something clicks and trust that, eventually, it will.
Knowing Who You AreWe’ve heard time and again that change is life’s only constant and it’s true. Especially when you’re a teenager, you’re still changing and figuring out who you are, a process that will continue for most if not all of your life. Instead of feeling pressured to define yourself based on your musical taste or relationships, enjoy the lifelong process of discovering and creating yourself.In those busy weeks before the first day of school, many parents sandwich a quick visit to the doctor for their child between clothes shopping trips and last minute runs for school supplies. And, of course, that’s all happening while your family is trying to soak up the last days of summer. However, pediatricians say there’s more to getting your child healthy and ready for school than just filling out medical forms and scheduling booster shots. To give your children the best possible launch, you need to take a look at their overall health and start now to get them physically ready to meet all the challenges of a new school year.
1. Getting Enough ZZZs
By far, the most important school health issue for most kids is getting enough sleep about 10 to 11 hours a night for elementary school age children. That sounds simple, but the trouble is, it’s not always easy to make your child’s sleep patterns mesh with his new school schedule.
When parents work late, children’s bedtimes often get pushed back to create a window of family time. “You can’t wait and say, ‘Oh, my gosh, we start school tomorrow. “It’s a huge adjustment for children,” he says. “Lots of kids will need a nap after school to help them revive.” If your child doesn’t want to sleep, settle for 30 to 45 minutes of quiet time with no television.
2. Testing Eyes and Ears
You can’t expect a child to learn if she’s having trouble seeing the blackboard or hearing the teacher. So have your pediatrician screen for vision and hearing problems during your child’s back to school checkup.
“If your pediatrician does not have the equipment for visual and hearing screening, you’re not getting a complete assessment,” says David A. Petersburg, FL. “Parents ought to insist on that.” Some pediatricians prefer to send patients to ophthalmologists and audiologists for more sophisticated eye and ear checks. (Don’t try to cut corners by going to a local chain their quick tests may miss important development problems in young children.) Make a note to ask your doctor what type of screening she recommends, then be certain to get it done long before school starts.
Remember: You can’t assume your child has 20/20 vision just because he never complains about not being able to see; children with vision problems may not realize the world isn’t blurry to everybody else. Just don’t be surprised if those turkey sandwiches and carrot sticks come back untouched. Eating in new surroundings and under tight time constraints can make some children’s appetites evaporate.
Don’t worry too much if your child only nibbles on lunch at school, Dr. Prazar says. Instead, focus on providing a protein filled breakfast. “It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it has some protein. It makes a real difference in your child’s energy level.” With a little bit of fat and fiber from complex carbohydrates, your child will be ready to start the day. You should also take time to eat breakfast with your children, Dr. Prazar adds. “I know it’s tough, but parents are the most important role models. Why would your kid eat breakfast if you don’t?”
It’s a good idea to lay down some nutrition rules before your child heads into the lunchroom. Otherwise, he may end up trading his healthy lunch for a short stack of Twinkies. “Parents ought to know what their kids are eating at school so ask them,” says Dr. Cimino.
4. Bathroom Break
Adjusting to classroom life can be overwhelming for a child who’s a little embarrassed about asking to go to the bathroom, and there’s nothing more humiliating than an “accident” at school. To help your child avoid any problems, have a talk ahead of time about school bathroom rules taking breaks as scheduled, and raising your hand for permission to leave the room.
If you think your child may have wetting problems in school, take preemptive action, Cimino advises. Before school starts, schedule regular bathroom breaks during the day, so your child gets used to going when directed. That’s why good hand washing habits are critical for school age children. Children (like adults) need to wash their hands after they go to the bathroom and before they eat. “Kids hate to wash their hands, but they can understand that germs can be bad for us,” Schiff says.
If your child rockets out of the bathroom without stopping at the sink, consider sending her to school with a packet of antibacterial wipes. They’re not as effective as soap and water, but they may have more appeal for young children. (You can also check how many towels are left at the end of the day, to see whether your child is really using them.)
6. Calling in Sick
No matter how much you emphasize personal hygiene, your child is bound to get a cold during the school year. To make the first morning your child wakes up with the sniffles easier, study in advance a copy of your school’s guidelines on when to keep a sickly child at home. “Don’t wait until your child’s first illness,” says Linda J. If you’re not at home during the day, you’ll need to prepare a battle plan to provide reliable backup child care for unexpected sick days.
7. Stay Safe
When a child starts school, it’s often the first time he’s out from under your watchful eye for any length of time. So it’s important to review basic safety rules. If your child will be walking to school, go over the route together ahead of time to check out possible hazards, such as busy streets. Don’t let a young child walk to school alone, and don’t expect a slightly older brother or uggs outlet sister to provide adequate safety supervision, Dr. Schiff says. “There are just too many distractions for 7 , 8 , and 9 year olds,” he adds. “Their ability to take responsibility is limited.”
In carpools, seat belts should be a given, but remember to check out other drivers’ safety standards well ahead of time. For safe bus trips, tell your child to stay seated quietly while the bus is in motion. If you can’t take your child to the bus stop, arrange for an adult or responsible child to get him on and off the bus safely.
To protect your child from strangers, avoid writing her name on the outside of her backpack or jacket. However, Prazar warns against overstating the risks of child directed crime, so you don’t make your child too scared. “Some parents obsess about it,” he says. “Talk about it with your child once at the beginning of every year, and that should do it.”
8. Get Moving
As your child blasts through the backyard like a whirlwind or jumps across the sofa turned lava pit, making sure she gets enough exercise may seem like the least of your worries. But once she enters school, she’ll be spending most of her day sitting at a desk and you can’t assume that recess and gym class are giving her all the daily activity she needs to stay healthy and happy.
“Kids need 20 to 30 minutes of regular, nonstop exercise a day,” Dr. Prazar says. Physical education classes and after school sports may not be enough. “At softball or in gym class, most kids are standing around, waiting for the ball to come to them,” he adds. Plan weekly bike rides and nature walks, and your whole family will benefit.